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Tulip Food Company becomes Danish Crown Foods

Danish Crown
The brands Tulip, Mou, GOL and Steff Houlberg, have been introduced in Germany.
The brands Tulip, Mou, GOL and Steff Houlberg, have been introduced in Germany.

GERMANY, Hamburg. The Tulip Food Company, a subsidiary of the Danish Crown Group, will henceforth operate under the name Danish Crown Foods in Germany.

The background to this is the international meat group's orientation towards, among other things, greater sustainability and transparency, which is also to be expressed by a uniform facing of all group members.

The uniform identity in terms of both content and visuals is intended to make clear to all market partners what Europe's largest meat processor will stand for in the future. "We want to create a closer link between our farmers, employees and consumers so that our vision of sustainable food production and our efforts to implement it become transparent and comprehensible to consumers", explains Christian Daub, Director Retail DE/Categories. "We change our name, but not our quality," he continues.

As a leading supplier of premium meat products such as bacon, pepperoni, cold cuts, sausages, meatballs, soups, ready meals and canned meat, Tulip has been a firm partner of the retail trade on the German market for over 30 years. The brands Tulip, Mou, GOL and Steff Houlberg, which have been introduced and established here, will continue to be retained in the future.

The change of name is the logical consequence of the sustainability plans announced by Danish Crown at the beginning of 2019. The targets are clearly defined: by 2030, Danish Crown aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% across the entire chain – from farm to fork. By 2050, the company wants to operate completely climate-neutral. Already today, 90% of Danish pigs come from certified sustainable farms. This is a clear statement for the 6,800 affiliated farms and around 29,000 employees at 75 locations in Europe.

"As an international meat company, we are very aware of the special responsibility we bear for our actions and would therefore like to play a leading role in issues such as animal welfare and sustainable production and marketing. In doing so, we are creating a sustainable basis for future generations," Christian Daub summarises.


Source: Danish Crown


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