DC: Investment in slaughterhouse

Investment in slaughterhouse

Danish Crown

DENMARK, Randers. Meat processor Danish Crown has unveiled its new plant in Blans, Denmark to tap demand for the Japanese market.

The processor conducted a tour of the plant's Ground Season Pork (GSP) department, which will be used as a spicy minced meat production facility primarily for its Japanese customers.

One of Danish Crown's Japanese customers Maruha was also present during the facility tour and the business said they were the main reason why they invested a two-digit investment in the production facility. Maruha is one of Japan's huge producers of sausages and meat-based foods, according to Danish Crown.

Danish Crown Pork's global sales director Lars Albertsen said Maruha showed great interest in expanding with the business. "It is a customer we know very well. It is very clear that they see opportunities in the new free trade agreement between the EU and Japan, so now it is for us to offer them the right solutions, and I am very optimistic." said Albertsen.

Meanwhile, Danish Crown Pork's CEO Soren F. Eriksen said Maruha described the facility 'as the best plant they had ever saw'. "They were very happy and thought our plant looked so good, and that means something when it is a customer who also fetches this type of raw material in both the US and Spain." said Eriksen.

The new facilities will create almost 100 new jobs, with 25 employed to service the plant and the remaining positions to service the front.


Source: Danish Crown


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