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DC / Tulip

Under one roof

Danish Crown

DENMARK, Randers. Since its founding in 1990, Danish Crown has become one of Denmark's largest companies. As a result, the group has outgrown both Danish Crown's offices in Randers and the offices of its subsidiary, Tulip Food Company in Sdr. Borup just outside of Randers. Plans to combine the two companies at one single location are therefore now being accelerated.

The group plans to keep Tulip's office building and to connect it to the former sausage factory on the neighbouring premises, which will undergo the necessary renovations to match its new role. When driving south on the E45 motorway, the new head office will be visible from the road, and it will be the workplace for around 650 employees who are currently working at three different locations in Randers.

Food being the company's core business is also evident from the plans to build a butcher's shop, in which the employees can shop a selection of the company's own products.

When finished, the new head office will boast around 23,000 square meters. Financially, the project is expected to be able to pay itself by means of synergy effects, eliminating lost time in connection with transport between the three current locations and in-house meetings rather than booking meeting facilities elsewhere in the area.

The project is still in its initial phase, and a final decision is yet to be made. At its most recent meeting, the Board of Directors approved the plans to look further into the possibilities. If the Board of Directors approves the final project, employees are expected to be able to move at the beginning of 2020.


Source: Danish Crown


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