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Sanderson Farms presents response plan

Sanderson Farms
The company presents its safety plan.
The company presents its safety plan.

USA. Laures. The company reported on measures it is taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With so much uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus, and the changes we face in our daily lives, Sanderson Farms wants to reassure our customers, consumers and communities that we will continue to process and ship high-quality, safe and affordable poultry products,” said Joe F. Sanderson, chairman and chief executive officer of Sanderson Farms, Inc.  “Currently, all 12 of the Company’s poultry processing complexes and our prepared chicken plant, as well as our corporate headquarters, are operating normally.  The Company has not experienced any supply chain disruptions, and our logistics team continues to meet delivery needs and schedules.”

The Company has had no reports that any of its personnel or contract growers have tested positive for the virus.  Management is monitoring operations closely, however, and has consulted with infectious disease experts to adopt precautions throughout the Company.  If any Company or grower personnel test positive, or if any area of the Company’s operations becomes exposed to the virus, the Company will cooperate fully with local, state and federal authorities to implement and enforce appropriate quarantines.

Measures the Company has taken

  • Employees and members of their households are prohibited from traveling for personal reasons outside the United States, through major international airports, to certain locations in the United States with severe COVID-19 outbreaks, to non-work gatherings of 50 people or more, and other high-risk destinations. If those persons must travel to or through these areas, the Company will require them to remain away from work for a minimum of two weeks. Additionally, if any of the Company’s contractors travel to or through these areas, those persons will not be allowed on the Company’s premises for a minimum of two weeks.
  • All corporate travel, including on Company and commercial aircraft, has been suspended, other than essential travel to Company facilities.
  • Hand sanitizing stations appropriate for use in food processing facilities have been installed at each Company location, and the Company is reinforcing the importance of personal hygiene and social distancing practices that can prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Company nurses have been trained on CDC protocols for novel coronavirus and have masks and other equipment necessary for contact with symptomatic employees.
  • Supervisors have been trained to identify signs of the COVID-19 illness in employees.
  • The Company has increased the frequency and scope of cleaning of common areas like breakrooms and restrooms.
  • Any personnel who have symptoms of COVID-19 will be placed on two week’s paid sick leave.
  • Members of the senior management team are working from home as a precaution. Additionally, any employee who is in a high-risk group for COVID-19 is being allowed to work from home.


Source: Sanderson Farms


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