Coronavirus: Cleanzone 2020 wants to set an e...

Cleanzone 2020 wants to set an example

Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel
The fair wants set an example and at the same time demonstrate its strengths in cleanroom technology and contamination control.
The fair wants set an example and at the same time demonstrate its strengths in cleanroom technology and contamination control.

GERMANY, Frankfurt. Cleanzone is taking place on 18 and 19 November in Frankfurt am Main, offering the cleanroom industry the opportunity to present the pioneering innovations needed today for protecting against infection and contamination. To ensure that Cleanzone offers a safe environment during a time of coronavirus, Messe Frankfurt has developed a concept uniting hygiene, organisational and medical measures.

Cleanzone showcases contamination control and cleanroom technology. Cleanroom technology is an interdisciplinary technology that offers nearly unlimited possibilities for research and development to create practical solutions that increase safety. At Cleanzone, manufacturers of contamination control products – for whom face masks, personal protective equipment, air exchange systems and disinfection are already daily practice – can showcase their full range of products that not only safeguard hygiene and quality in production facilities, but also restrict the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Messe Frankfurt has developed a hygiene and safety concept that has been approved by the responsible authorities of the federal state of Hesse. This concept focuses on distancing, hygiene, fresh air and traceability. Messe Frankfurt bases all its measures for improving hygiene on the exhibition grounds on the recommendations of the German Robert Koch Institute. Furthermore, all provisions comply with the applicable requirements set out in Hesse’s ordinance on restricting contact and operations due to the coronavirus issued on 6 July 2020.

The trade fair’s exhibitors and visitors will be required to complete a full registration with all essential information, including a self-declaration on their own health status. Furthermore, tickets will only be valid for specific days to ensure full traceability of all participants. Online ticketing also allows for a fully digital registration process and contactless payment, while spacious hall designs featuring five-metre-wide aisles for two-way travel and three-metre-wide aisles for one-way traffic ensure proper distancing. The wearing of face masks will also be required if mandated by the regulations in force when Cleanzone opens.


Source: Messe Frankfurt


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