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COVID-19: Americans shy away from shopping / Nathan Van de Graaf
US shoppers are terrified.
US shoppers are terrified.

AUSTRALIA, Townsville. Three out of four Americans are unlikely to go shopping in stationary stores in the next three months.

Despite the opening of many states, many are still concerned about the coronavirus. Companies must show their customers that they want to ensure their safety, according to a survey by SafetyCulture.

"The virus has had a massive impact on consumer confidence. A large section of the public is still reluctant to return to normal. In these uncertain times, businesses are experiencing a real crisis of confidence," says SafetyCulture. Ongoing information about safety measures could help to remedy this.

SafetyCulture conducted the survey among 1,198 US consumers. 71% do not feel comfortable going into business right now. Other establishments are also affected by customer insecurity. Half of those surveyed would not like to go to a restaurant or hotel, 63% do not feel safe at work either.

According to SafetyCulture, companies must adhere to the safety standards recommended by authorities and experts and clearly communicate this to customers. For more than half of the respondents, a checklist of measures that is regularly updated would be ideal. These lists can be published by businesses and thus restore consumer confidence.



Source: www.SafetyCulture


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