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Cooperative cooperation

Westcrown: Joint venture in sow-meat

Thomas Fedra, Thomas Fedra
Westfleisch-CEO Dr. Helfried Giesen
Westfleisch-CEO Dr. Helfried Giesen

GERMANY, Muenster Westfleisch and Danish Crown have joined forces in the fields of sow cutting and sow meat marketing to found the joint "Westcrown" company as a 50:50 venture.

"We are delighted to have found a suitable partner for our joint company in such a highly competitive market segment," said CEO Dr. Helfried Giesen of Westfleisch, commenting of the win-win partnership.

The Münster-based company has most recently been cutting 355,000 sows in Schöppingen close to the Dutch border. Danish Crown is also organised on a cooperative basis and slaughters roughly 325,000 sows per year in Denmark. Most of these have been sold up to now as sides, primarily to customers in Germany.

The joint venture needs to be approved by the fair trading authorities in Brussels.


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