Cool Cuts Vion introduces innovation to the deep-frozen market

by Editor
Thursday, November 22, 2018
The product range is made up of different cuts and products.
Photo: Vion
The product range is made up of different cuts and products.

The meat producer is introducing a new deep-frozen range to the market under the Cool Cuts label. From the outset, Vion will rely on high-quality product in marketing matured beef from the Goldbeef premium brand.

The range is aimed at restaurateurs, hoteliers and other bulk consumers, as well as the food retail trade. Individually packed, deep-frozen and in packaging ready for sous-vide preparation are entrecote, T-bone, filet and a wide range of special cuts currently trending and ideally suited to the demands and requirements of this target group.

The new premium products are taken from Simmentaler cattle or optionally from the Holstein Friesian breed. These breeds enjoy a particularly strong reputation among top chefs. The cuts then become true Cool Cuts only after a three-week maturing process: The meat portions are then packed and deep-frozen individually.

The product range is made up of different cuts and products. These include classic steaks like entrecote, T-bone and filet, as well as flat iron, tomahawk, côte de bœuf and churrasco ribs. All types are marketed “ready to cook” in individual packaging ready for sous-vide preparation by the customer. The aim is to simplify preparation in a professional kitchen.

Vion is breaking new ground in production as well. Production is to order in each case. Year-round availability of the full beef range and minimum shelf life of 18 months from date of production mean that the customer can make use of the product as needed. The deep-frozen range will in the future be expanded to other categories in order to offer a complete range to the customer.