Consumers are unwilling to give up meat

Consumers are unwilling to give up meat

A new IBM study reveals that despite tough economic times, Americans at all income levels are refusing to sacrifice quality, value and nutrition to save money on food and health & beauty purchases.

The current economy has, however, led U.S. shoppers to take a closer look at the brands they typically purchase, the stores they frequent and even their preferred packaging to find new ways to save money. Americans surveyed confirmed this new in-store spending strategy will stick beyond the recession.

In the survey 4,000 U.S. residents across all income levels were asked to name one product that they refused to give up in order to save money. Ten percent of respondents named meat, poultry, fish and seafood, followed by 8 percent who named alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, milk or juice.

The survey reveals that Americans have become flexible about where to shop and what brands to buy, but consumers continue to place a premium on nutrition and are reluctant to go without items such as meat, poultry or coffee in order to economize.
Source: IBM


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