Consumers advised not to eat Irish pork

Consumers advised not to eat Irish pork

The Food Standards Agency yesterday was advising consumers not to eat pork or pork products, which are labelled as being from the Irish Republic or Northern Ireland.

Investigations will be necessary in order to clarify whether any products contaminated with dioxins have been distributed in the UK.

This precautionary advice had been issued following the Irish Government's announcement that it is recalling all pork products made in the Irish Republic since September after dioxins were found in slaughtered pigs that are thought to have eaten contaminated feed.

Dioxins are chemicals that get into food from the environment and they are associated with a range of health effects when there is long term exposure to them at relatively high levels.

The Agency is continuing to monitor the situation and is in close contact with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. If it is confirmed that any affected products have been distributed to the UK the Agency will take appropriate action to protect consumers.

Source: Food Standards Agency of the UK