Consumer spending: Just under 10% for food an...
Consumer spending

Just under 10% for food and drink

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German households spend relatively little on food.
German households spend relatively little on food.

GERMANY, Bonn. In Germany, the share of household spending on food in 2019 was below the EU-28 average.

As reported by the Federal Agricultural Information Center (BZL) in Bonn with reference to data from the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat), the share in question amounted to 9.6%, which was 1.4% points less than the Community average. Consumers in this country also benefited, among other things, from the fact that food prices were only slightly above the EU average and per capita income was well above the corresponding average.

Only in Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK would households have spent proportionately less on food in 2019. On the other hand, the United Kingdom, which brings up the rear with a share of just 7.1%, contrasts with Romania, where 24.7% of household spending was spent on food. In the Netherlands, it was 10.4%, in Spain 11.5%, in France 11.9%, in Italy 13.1% and in Poland 14.9%, according to BZL.

Source:; AgE


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