Confusion about food topics

by Editor
Monday, April 15, 2013

Louis. CommonGround has commissioned a Gate-to-Plate Survey to gain insights into how U.S. moms feel and think about their food and the food choices they make for their families. More than 70% of family mothers surveyed admitted to having questions or concerns about how their food is grown or raised.

According to the survey, confusion (and guilt) surrounds organic food, with some moms willing to pay more for organic foods even though they are unsure of what they are buying. More than 60% of mothers overall – and nearly 80% aged 18 to 24 – said they would buy organic meat, produce and dairy products if they could afford it, but fewer than one out of 10 moms could accurately identify what qualifies food to be labeled organic.

Additionally, nearly half of all mothers surveyed mistakenly believe that organic foods have a greater nutritional value than similar nonorganic items. And not being able to afford organic meat, dairy and produce was the No. 1 source of food guilt among moms – edging out overall food affordability.

More than half of mothers agree it is important to feed their families hormone-free poultry
and pork – even though it may cost more to do so. However, fact is, there’s no need to pay extra for poultry or pork that’s labeled hormone-free. USDA prohibits farmers from using hormones to raise chickens and pigs

These, along with the other findings and information, are the types of food topics and information CommonGround volunteers want to engage American mothers in to provide factual information.