Concern about hunger in the United States gro...

Concern about hunger in the United States grows

More than one in four (28%) Americans say that in the past year they or someone they know has had to make a choice between providing food for their family or paying their bills, and one in 10 Americans say they personally went to bed hungry at least once in the past year.
These and other surprising figures were revealed in The 2010 Hormel Hunger Survey, released by Hormel Foods Corporation.
The percentage of Americans very concerned about the number of people in the United States who do not have enough to eat rose from 46% in 2009 to 54% this year, suggesting consumers are aware of the personal toll the recession has been taking on many Americans.

In this fifth annual study on hunger, a majority (52%) of Americans said their ability to pay their bills has not changed in the past year. However, five times as many Americans say it has become more difficult to pay bills (38%) than said it has become easier (8%) compared to a year ago.

About nine out of 10 Americans have been forced to spend more carefully these days, including almost one in five (18%) who say they are struggling to pay essential bills or cannot pay those bills without borrowing. Only about one in 10 Americans say they do not have to worry much about how they spend their money.

When answering questions about fresh food options, a majority of Americans said having large grocery stores where only small stores with limited choices are currently available would have a beneficial effect on six social problems, especially reducing malnutrition (71%) and hunger (69%). Other problems that most believe would be alleviated include the cost of healthcare (58%), obesity (53%), reduced life expectancy (60%) and low school test scores (56%). According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 2.3 million Americans live more than a mile from a supermarket that offers many food choices and do not have access to a vehicle to get there.

Additionally, about two-thirds (65%) of Americans have donated food to a food bank or other food collection charity in the past year, and a smaller majority (57%) have donated money to one of these organisations. Slightly less than one in four (23%) volunteered their time to a food bank, shelter or organisation providing food for the hungry in the past year.

Despite this demonstrated commitment to eradicating hunger, a majority (61%) of those surveyed do not think the hunger problem in the United States will be solved in the next 20 years.
Source: Hormel Foods Corporation


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