Collagen: JBS constructs plant in SP

JBS constructs plant in SP

Imago / AAP

BRAZIL, São Paulo. JBS began in January construction work on a new plant for the production of gelatin and bioactive collagen peptides in the city of Presidente Epitácio, in São Paulo. With investments of R$ 280 mill. in the municipality by the end of the year, the Company will create 400 new jobs in the region during the construction phase, and the unit is expected to come on stream in early 2022.

The plant will be a benchmark in sustainability and the planned actions include total recycling of discarded packaging used in the process, reuse and treatment of water, work areas with natural lighting and modern equipment that reduces energy loss. The director at the head of the business, Claudia Yamana, also explains that 189,200m² of native tree species will be planted over the next 240 months, in addition to the issuance of carbon credits and an effluent treatment area four times larger than the area of the plant.

The new business will be part of the JBS Novos Negócios group of companies that brings together operations that convert by-products and surplus materials from beef, pork and poultry processing into high added-value products like biodiesel, collagen, fertilizers, wrapping for sausages, animal feed, pharmaceutical inputs, hygiene and cleaning materials, among others, commercialized on the Brazilian market and exported to over 40 countries. Moreover, it includes companies that provide strategic services to JBS in the metallic packaging, trading, transportation, recycling and waste management segments.

Source: JBS


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