China to check school canteens for food safet...

China to check school canteens for food safety

Following the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and Ministry of Education (MOE) China will launch nationwide checks on school canteens in an attempt to prevent occurrences of food poisoning.

The SFDA and MOE ordered local health and education administrations to immediately carry out checks on the entire process of food safety in all schools.

Inspection teams will be formed to thoroughly check canteens, especially those of kindergartens, elementary and middle schools. Any schools that fail to make prompt corrections will be punished, said the SFDA and MOE.

When food poisoning occurs, local administrators must make thorough and accurate reports and launch urgent measures. Any delays, concealment or outright lies will warrant punishment announced the SFDA and MOE.

On October 15, 42 children became sickened at a kindergarten in north Hebei Province, one of three food-poisoning incidents this month.
Source: National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center