China is the biggest market for Uruguayan bee...

China is the biggest market for Uruguayan beef

The executive director of Uruguay's intensive cattle producers' association, AUPCIN, has said that he expects the rapid growth in sales of Uruguayan beef to China to continue over the next few years, due to a number of significant competitive advantages and an aggressive promotional strategy.

Sales of Uruguayan beef to China in the first eightmonths of 2013 leapt 83.4% on the same period last year to an FOB value of $175 mill., according to figures released recently by Uruguay's national meat institute INAC, which said that China is now the biggest market for Uruguayan beef in terms of volume.

INAC said that when measured in tonnes, China accounted for 24.1% of Uruguay's beef exports in the period from January to August 2013, followed by NAFTA countries (the USA, Canada and Mexico), with 19.7%, and the European Union (EU), with 15.2%. However, in terms of value, the EU remains the biggest market, with 24.6%, compared with China's 18.6%, and NAFTA's 16.2%.

INAC statistics noted that the share of Uruguayan beef exports by volume to the EU fell from 20% to 15% in 2012/13 compared to the previous year, although the EU accounted for 25% of sales by value as it purchases expensive and prime cuts. INAC said that by volume, the US and Canada accounted for 20% of exports in 2012/3, with Russia taking 10%, down from 30% the previous year, Israel 10%, and South American Mercosur trade zone and associate countries around 15%. Uruguay is the world's sixth biggest exporter of beef.
Source: Uruguay's intensive cattle producers' association (AUPCIN)


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