China: Brazilian chicken firms exempted from ...

Brazilian chicken firms exempted from tariffs

Martin Schemm /

CHINA, Beijing. China will exempt 14 Brazilian firms including BRF and JBS Group from anti-dumping tariffs on imports of chicken products, provided sales are made above an undisclosed floor price.

The exemptions follow months of negotiations between Brazilian chicken producers and China, as Brazil sought to resolve an anti-dumping probe launched in August 2017.

Brazil is the world’s top exporter of chicken and the biggest overseas supplier to China. A preliminary determination in June last year had placed duties between 18.8% to 38.4% on all China’s imports of Brazilian broiler chickens.

Under a final decision issued by the commerce ministry on Friday, Beijing will maintain tariffs between 17.8% and 32.4% from 17 February for five years.

However, a list of companies will be excluded from the tariffs as part of a “price undertaking” agreed between the two sides, and reported by Reuters last month. The agreement set minimum prices for sales to China, but those were not published on Friday.


Source: Reuters