Chile recalls chicken products

Chile recalls chicken products

The Chilean Ministry of Health announced a recall of chicken products on concerns a recent shipment to the US may be adulterated by dioxin.

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said that around 85.5 t of chicken may be affected, and around 57.2 t are currently being held. The distribution of the remaining around 28.3 t is under investigation, and FSIS is verifying if additional shipments may be affected.

All products manufactured at San Vicente facility on 29 May to 12 June, 2013 are considered adulterated, and FSIS is directing importers to hold and destroy the product. However, FSIS said the risk to consumers in negligible.

Dioxins form naturally during forest fires, industrial emissions and burning trash. Plants absorb these compounds, which are potentially eaten by animals where they become concentrated in animal fat. People are exposed to low levels of dioxins through their diet with lesser exposure from air and soil. However, dioxins can have adverse health effects at very high doses for a prolonged period.

FSIS said exposure to dioxin in the chicken products is low and does not pose a health threat.
Source: The Chilean Ministry of Health


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