Charoen Pokphand: Q3 results released
Charoen Pokphand

Q3 results released

Janusz Klosowski

THAILAND, Bangkok. Charoen Pokphand Food Plc (CPF) reported its result operation in the third quarter this year reached 122.549 bn. baht, an increase by 10% while net profit jumped by 45% to 5.184 bn. baht compared with the same period of last year.

In addition, the company’s total sale during the first nine months this year achieved 344.839 bn. baht, up by 11% and net profit surged by 36% to 12.965 bn. baht.

CPF’s revenue structure generated by its overseas investment and export from Thailand accounting for 68% of its total sales. Its business in Vietnam showed a significant result operation that stepping forward on its goal when compared with others. On the other hand, sale in Thailand which accounted for 32% of the company’s total sale which presenting better operation compared with the same period of last year. This good performance came from livestock business particularly meats in domestic market has turned back to usual situation after facing oversupply problem since last year. Another important factor to drive growth generated from the recovery of shrimp farming after affecting from EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome) for years.

Moreover, the company good management in expenditure in sale and overalls had brought down its financial cost. This has reflected to CPF’s net profit grew by 36% during the first nine months this year. This year, investment in China and Vietnam, which a combined sale reached 39%, are still being core countries to generate business growth. However, Russia, India and the Philippines will become potential countries to bolster CPF’s business in the long run.

Under the company’s idea to run food business from high protein meat quality with reasonable price, CPF key business expansion strategy is to export business into countries where agro-business industry has high potential. Particularly, the company can help developing countries to learn more on modern farming by implementing advanced technology to ensure efficiency of production and high quality meat.

Source: CPF


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