Cattle exports: Australia is now only the th...
Cattle exports

Australia is now only the third largest exporter of cattle


AUSTRALIA, Sydney. Australia exports more than two thirds of its production. Australia is currently only third in the ranking of global exporters.

The Australian information platform Meat & Lifestock Australia (MLA) has published data on Australian cattle business for the 2018/19 season. The continent produced a total of 2.35 mill. t. beef and veal. About 72% of the country's production is being exported. The total export volume amounted to about A$ 9.5 bn. The majority of exports are sold to Japan, ahead of the USA and China. In the previous report, the USA was the largest buyer of Australian beef. Internationally, Australia remains the world's third largest exporter after India and Brazil. In 2015 Australia was still the largest exporter, ahead of India and Brazil.

Cattle export: These countrys dominate global trade



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