Cargill to label "finely textured beef"

by Editor
Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cargill Beef announced it will label its branded US ground beef products containing finely textured beef.

The company will begin labelling products with "Contains Finely Textured Beef" before the start of the 2014 grilling season. Cargill Beef has produced USDA-approved finely textured beef since 1993.

The company made the decision based on 18 months of consumer research that showed consumers want the product labelled. Cargill Beef said its research showed consumers want transparency, and beef products containing finely textured beef should be clearly labelled so that consumers can choose whether to buy the product. Cargill Beef said finely textured beef has a role to play in providing affordable food to consumers.

The company also found that consumers had positive attitudes about the finely textured beef upon learning the product is 100% beef and 95% lean.