Cargill acquires animal feed mill in Indonesia

by Editor
Friday, October 10, 2008

Cargill Animal Nutrition Indonesia announced that it has finalised a purchase agreement with PT Berlian Unggas Sakti to buy its animal feed mill in Medan, Indonesia.

Cargill purchased all the physical assets of the feed mill. Cargill and PT Berlian Unggas Sakti have also entered into a separate arrangement for breeder feed/day-old-chick (DOC) supply to enable the continuity of the products and services provided by PT Berlian Unggas Sakti to existing customers.

The acquisition of PT Berlian Unggas Sakti’s animal feed mill will complement Cargill’s existing animal feed business by extending Cargill’s current supply network and coverage in Indonesia.

Cargill Animal Nutrition will acquire the feed mill located in Tanjung Morawa, Medan. The capacity of the mill is 160,000 metric tonnes per annum. Cargill has already committed to invest in a new extruder at the facility to cater to the floating fish feed market in Sumatera Island.

PT Berlian Unggas Sakti has been engaged in the manufacture of animal feed and breeding of DOC parent stock in Medan, North Sumatra since 1988. PT Berlian Unggas Sakti will continue to be engaged in the DOC parent stock breeding operations with approximately 150 employees.

Cargill has approximately 250 employees in Indonesia and has been in the Indonesia market for over 30 years.