Cargill: Conversion provides new cooked meat ...

Conversion provides new cooked meat capabilities


USA, Minneapolis, MN. Cargill is investing $111 mill. to convert its ground beef plant at Columbus, Neb., to a cooked meats facility and relocate ground beef production currently taking place there.

The converted plant will give the company capabilities it currently does not possess to produce specific types of cooked meat products for its customers. The conversion will begin in early December 2015, with cooked meat production scheduled to start in mid-2016. Ground beef production currently taking place at Columbus will be relocated to existing processing facilities at Butler, Wis., and Forth Worth, Texas.

Approximately $27 mill. will be carved out of the total funding package for investment in the company’s ground beef plants at Butler and Fort Worth, where additional new production lines will be installed. The new lines will increase overall capacity, improve efficiency and enhance the company’s capability to service Cargill foodservice customers.

Source: Cargill


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