Canadian last BSE case may reveal new insight...

Canadian last BSE case may reveal new insights

The 50-month-old dairy cow found on a farm in Alberta evidently showed prion development months earlier than could have been expected.

This has been assumed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency report on its investigation of case number eight.

The staining pattern from the confirmatory IHC tests supported the notion that this animal seemed to have been detected at an earlier stage of BSE incubation. If the animal had succumbed to BSE and not to an unrelated disease, it may have been some time before BSE symptoms would have been noted.

CFIA, in its introduction to its report, said that the variance of when BSE was detected compared to when it was expected to be detected "is not significantly different from that of previous cases and indicates exposure to only a very low dose of BSE infectivity."

Source: Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
BSE Alberta


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