Canadian Governments support animal care trai...

Canadian Governments support animal care training

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The governments of Canada and the province of Ontario announced a CAN$2 mill. investment in worker training in animal care. The program is scheduled to begin in September.

Farm and Food Care will develop training materials, deliver courses and help farmers implement new practices under the two-year program. It will help those who work with farm animals keep up to date with the latest research, standards and practices related to farm animal care.

Producers, processors, organizations and collaborations can also receive support under Growing Forward 2 for activities that enhance animal welfare, including training, skills development, and project planning and implementation.

The Animal Health Act, 2009 was created to keep Ontario's animals safe and the agri-food industry strong. Codes of Practice - nationally developed guidelines for animal care and handling - were recently updated for beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, sheep, farmed fox and mink. Codes of Practice for chickens, turkeys and breeders, as well as for poultry-layers, are soon to be released.
Source: The Government of Canada
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