Campbell to roll out all-natural chicken, beef stocks

by Editor
Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Campbell Soup Company announced it will roll out new Swanson stock featuring a line of all-natural cooking stocks in both beef and chicken varieties in the coming year.

Campbell will also introduce a new line of its Select Harvest ready-to-serve soups that will be available in both cans and microwaveable bowls, says Denise Morrison, president of North America Soup, Sauces and Beverages, in a press release.

The soup company also plans to expand the availability of its products in Russia and China, two countries where it launched new products in September 2007.

In its Russian market, Campbell will introduce Beef and Nameko Mushroom soup, and new larger sizes of its concentrated broth products to match the way Russian families prepare soups. Furthermore the company planes to establish local manufacturing in the country via a contract manufacturer.

Campbell furthermore intends to expand its new Swanson broths to Shanghai in early fiscal year 2009. Shanghai is the leading soup market in China with the highest per capita soup consumption.