CPC joins Agriculture Minister Ritz in China

CPC joins Agriculture Minister Ritz in China

Olaf Schneider / pixelio.de

The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) recently participated in two key events in China in support of Canadian pork producer interests at the world level.

The Chair of the CPC, Jean-Guy Vincent, joined federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz as part of "Savour Canada" to showcase Canadian pork, among other agriculture and food products, to Chinese industry representatives. The event was an initiative of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to promote Canada's safe and top quality food products and expand and improve trade access to the country.

CPC representatives also attended the biennial World Meat Congress in Beijing that was hosted by the International Meat Secretariat (IMS). "This was a great opportunity to be part of a global event. I would like to thank Minister Ritz for his sending a strong message about Canadian producers and our meat industry, and how Canada produces safe and high quality products, during his opening remarks at the IMS congress," added Mr. Vincent.

The IMS is a non-profit organization that brings together livestock producer associations, national and regional meat associations, meat exporter associations, meat processing companies, government, and corporate partners from around the world. The World Meat Congress provides a global platform for delegates from all segments of the livestock and meat sectors to discuss hot topics from farm to fork.

Canada's pork producers and exporters regularly travel to other parts of the world to study what consumers want in these markets and to promote the quality, taste, safety and reliability of Canada’s pork products. Canada is the world's third-largest pork exporter and represents 20% of world pork trade. In 2014, Canadian pork was exported to over 100 countries. Maintaining existing pork markets and opening up new markets to pork is critical to the Canadian hog industry.
Source: Canadian Pork Council


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