Danish Crown: CEO of DC Pork leaves
Danish Crown

CEO of DC Pork leaves

DENMARK, Randers Danish Crown has decided to terminate its cooperation with CEO of DC Pork Jesper Friis. Jesper Friis joined the company just over two years ago, taking on the difficult task of being responsible for pork production in Danish Crown – a division with revenue in excess of DKK 30 bn.

Two years was not a long time, and it is regrettable that they had arrived at this decision, said Group CEO Kjeld Johannesen, adding, Jesper Friis had introduced new ways of thinking to the group, and they had hoped that, with time, they would come to see eye to eye with respect to the complex management of the many different cultures in DC Pork, but they did not feel that this had happened, said Kjeld Johannesen.

He stressed that the reason for Jesper Friis’s departure had nothing to do with the financial results he had achieved or any single events.

Initially, overall management responsibility will be transferred to Group CEO Kjeld Johannesen, while the day-to-day management will be handled by DC Pork’s competent management staff.

They will now look at the situation together with a number of highly qualified CEOs to decide the next step – both in the short and the long term.

Jesper Friis will be stepping down on 1 February, but will be available in the coming period.
Source: Danish Crown


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