Byprotex B2B-Marketplace for animal by-products

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Byproducts are often wasted or thrown away, but they are an important resource.
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Byproducts are often wasted or thrown away, but they are an important resource.

The digital independent marketplace Byprotex is enabling transparent and fair trading of animal by-products and plant-based materials. The launch of the website is planned for February.

Each year 18 mill. t of animal by-products are processed in Europe and 8 mill. t of useful materials are recovered. Processed protein powder and fats are an important input factor for pet food, animal and fish feed, oleochemicals, fertilizers, biofuels, and energy production. Currently, the trading is done via phone / email either directly (in established business relationships) or via intermediaries.

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Value Increased value of by-products

The market is completely analogue, i.e. trading is done by phone and email via Intermediaries. This leads to a lack of price transparency and missed market opportunities. Approximately 40% of food produced is lost and wasted during production, handling, storage and processing despite its value if properly processed.

The marketplace Byprotex enables direct trading between producers and buyers and provides interfaces with logistics, insurance and financing providers. The platform directly connects buyers with suppliers.

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Export Cherkizovo is marketing by-products