Byproducts: Turkey harmonises legislation

Turkey harmonises legislation

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TURKEY, Ankara. Turkey is implementing harmonised legislation according to the EU regulation No. 1069/2009/EC on animal by-products (ABPs) and its derived products not intended for human consumption which requires the exporting countries to be approved by the EU or the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock (MinFAL).

The impact on trade will depend on how the legislation is implemented. Some unpredictable disruptions to trade are expected since Turkey’s implementation of the EU/MinFAL approved list for import of ABPs within the scope of above mentioned legislation has not been notified to the WTO. FAS Ankara will monitor the trade impacts of ABPs shipments to Turkey.

Within the scope of Turkey’s harmonisation to the European Union (EU), Turkey published a legislation harmonised with the EU Regulation No 1069/2009/EC on animal by-products (ABPs) not intended for human consumption. The legislation was published on 24 December 2011. However, transitional periods were applied for some of the articles regarding responsibilities of producers, registration procedures, and modernisation of the establishments within the country producing ABPs since it required time and resources to harmonise those establishments with the EU requirements.

The purpose of the legislation is to determine the rules and methods regarding ABPs and their derived products not intended for human consumption so as to prevent or minimise the risks for animal and public health, food and feed safety as well. The legislation covers responsibilities of the establishments and persons dealing with classification, assembling, transportation, storage, marketing, destruction, using, importing, exporting and transiting of ABPs, raw materials used for production of animal products and the products produced for human consumption. However, it was decided to be used for the purpose other than human consumption, catering wastes (including the products turned back from ship supplier, the wastes if it is purposed for animal feeding, the wastes for the purpose of using in biogas or compost fabrics).

Source: MinFAL

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