Butina and MPS join forces

by Editor fleischwirtschaft.com
Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Butina A/S and MPS Meat Processing Systems announce that MPS has acquired a majority shareholding in Butina A/S. Butina, and its 100% subsidiary Anitec, will continue to operate as an independent entity serving existing and new customers and partners.

The service network, innovation and financial strength of MPS will further strengthen Butina/Anitec's position as the market leader for CO2 stunning and blood collection. The share acquisition will further enhance MPS' capabilities regarding CO2 stunning and blood collection and its position as market leader in red meat slaughtering.

MPS Meat Processing Systems is a global market leader in the development, production and installation of high technology slaughtering systems. MPS also designs and installs systems for the portioning, de-boning and logistic processing of meat products, as well as waste water treatment systems.

Butina A/S is a world leader in CO2 stunning and, through its subsidiary Anitec, in blood collection.