Business TSC celebrates 25 years

by Editor
Tuesday, March 08, 2016
Photo: TSC
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In 1991, an impressive success story began that has continued to the present day. It started when Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. set up the Thermal Printer Division to work with Eltron to develop a line of desktop barcode printers and to establish production lines at the Yilan Plant. What followed an impressive performance from humble origins to a successful and global company with a strong network of partners, distributors and value added resellers.

Today, the company not only celebrates 25 years, but have become one of the Top-5 manufacturers of thermal bar-code printers worldwide, including being a long-time OEM manufacturer for well-known brands.

As one of the first Taiwan-based manufacturers to supply label printers, TSC recognized the potential of Auto ID for industry. From the beginning the company was part of this booming and fast-growing market. The first 15 years were marked by technological ingenuity, innovative performance and the creative ideas of engineers. The company developed and applied new technologies and manufactured high-quality products in a short time and grew at an incredible speed – and that remains so to this day. In 1995, just four years after the founding, TSCs first private brand direct thermal printer, the TDP-522 was launched to the market, followed by the first thermal transfer printer TTP-242 in 1996, the first 8-ips industrial printer TTP-248M in 2001 and the first direct thermal portable printer M23 in 2005, to name just a few.

Today, TSC offers a wide range of quality-built, smartly designed thermal label printers that optimize marking processes in transportation, manufacturing and logistics, postal/parcel, retail, healthcare, government and the public sector. It is one of the most varied portfolios in the global AIDC industry with a strategic focus on barcodes. TSC is tailoring its auto ID solutions to specific applications for a number of different industries and customers, and is well on the way to becoming a market leader. Regardless of the application, TSC has the right printer for the right job.