Business: Atria financial statement release

Atria financial statement release

Atria Finland drives the Group's growth.
Atria Finland drives the Group's growth.

FINLAND, Seinäjoki. Atria released the financial statement from 1 January to 31 December 2018. The growth in Finland was strong, but the Group result was brought down by increased raw material costs.

The consolidated net sales totalled € 1,438.5 mill. At comparable exchange rates, net sales grew by 2%. The Consolidated EBIT was € 28.2 mill., or 2.0% (2.8%) of net sales.

Atria Finland drives the Group's growth: net sales exceeded €1 bn and EBIT grew from the previous year. The weakened Swedish krona and Russian rouble brought down the Group’s net sales. Atria Sweden's EBIT was weighed down by increased raw material costs and the unfavourable sales structure of poultry operations. Atria Finland decided to invest € 3.4 mill. in the poultry operations in Nurmo and Sahalahti. The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of € 0.40 be paid for each share for the 2018 financial period.

Consolidated EBIT in 2018 was € 28.2 mill. In 2019, EBIT is expected to be better than in 2018. At comparative exchange rates, the net sales for 2019 are expected to grow compared to the 2018.


Source: Atria



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