British farmers up for foodservice challenge

by Editor
Monday, September 27, 2010

Producers are up for the challenge of increasing the use of British food in the foodservice sector, says the British National Farmers Union (NFU).

NFU head of food and farming Kevin Pearce says that as consumers demand more information about traceability and provenance, the relationship between both sectors can improve at the same time. Pearce was speaking to a number of foodservice industry representatives as part of the Footprint Forum event, held in London, to highlight the sustainability of British agriculture.

As with other parts of the food chain, one had seen a move to more demand for traceability and provenance requirements and perhaps more recently to more sustainability, Pearce said. He thinks that the relationship between the foodservice sector and food producers has improved and will continue to improve. The Red Tractor was a mark that is already being used widely but NFU believed it can and should be used more in the food service sector as it would provide a whole chain assurance.

There was no doubt that the food producing end of the supply chain was up for the challenge of increasing the use of home-produced food in the service sectork, Pearce went on. One was a professional industry, ready to adapt and change and one was aware of the challenges the world faces on food security and climate change. Pearce believes that British agriculture can be sustainable and part of the solution to the major challenges one faces.