Bright prospects for the global poultry indus...

Bright prospects for the global poultry industry

‘Poultry will be winning protein in next decade' The prospects are bright for the global poultry industry, says a new Rabobank report, despite the current turbulent environment and the challenge of meeting a 30% rise in global demand in the next decade.

The report ‘Crossroads for Growth: The International Poultry sector towards 2020' describes the new competitive environment in the industry. Players from Brazil and other emerging markets have started to internationalise and diversify the global poultry industry as markets in Europe and the US become saturated. The result is a changed competitive environment, with new players entering new markets and equity players taking up positions in the industry hoping to benefit from the opportunities.

The industry is operating in a very turbulent environment of
  • high and volatile feed prices
  • uncertain economic recovery
  • political unrest in the Middle East, one of the major import regions for poultry products.
  • Restrictions and frequently changing import regulations in key markets such as Russia, China and Mexico
  • Impact of the earthquake in Japan, a major poultry importing market
  • Outbreaks of avian influenza (AI) in Asia

 "Poultry is going to be the winning protein in the next decade as the world population expands and incomes rise," says Nan-Dirk Mulder, lead author of the Rabobank report."But it will be a big challenge for the industry to keep up with the 30 percent demand growth in the next 10 years, growth which is not distributed evenly around the globe."
Source: Rabobank