Brazilian poultry exports down compared to a ...

Brazilian poultry exports down compared to a year ago

Poultry exports (including chickens, eggs, turkeys, ducks, chicks and fertile eggs) totalled 3.735 mill. t between January and November 2013, down 1.1% compared to the same period last year, figures from the Brazilian Poultry Union (UBABEF) have revealed. However, revenues grew 3.9% to $7.9 bill.

It is expected that exports of the domestic poultry will reach a total of 4.082 mill. t, a result 1.35% lower than the volume achieved in 2012. The sum total of revenue from exports of poultry is forecast to reach 8.58 bill., 2.6% higher as compared to the balance of last year.

According to UBABEF President Francisco Turra, there was a sharp drop in revenue from shipments of eggs and turkey meat, minimising overall balance by the good performance seen in exports of chicken and genetic material.

According to him, export of eggs was strongly influenced by bureaucratic problems that halted exports to Angola, the main importer of Brazilian products.
Source: The Brazilian Poultry Union (UBABEF)