Brazil sees exports increasing

Brazil sees exports increasing

Brazilian pork exports increased by nearly 50% year-on-year last month, according to the latest figures from the Brazilian association of pork producers and exporters (Abipecs).

According to the figures, pork export volumes were up 45.98% compared with September of last year, totalling 60,440 t. Revenue was up 38.47% to $157.65 mill.

In total, Brazil exported 428 t of pork between January and September this year, worth $1.09 bill. This is an increase of 9.72% in volume and 2.13% in revenues, compared to the same period in 2011.

Brazilian pork exports are still concentrated in three major markets: Ukraine, Russia and Hong Kong. Ukraine is the biggest importer, receiving 23.49% of total Brazilian pork exports this year. Russia is the second-biggest importer receiving 23.04% of the total. However, the value of product going to Russia is higher, with Russian imports accounting for 25.91% of the total export value, and Ukraine accounting for 23.77%.

Ukraine's government recently sought permission from the World Trade Organization (WTO) to increase the rate of 250 import tariffs, including pork. This could have a huge impact on Brazilian pork exporters, and Abipec president Pedro de Camargo Neto has called for the WTO to reject the application, pointing out that it was "meaningless" to consolidate tariffs when entering the WTO and then request a change of this magnitude.
Source: Abipecs