Brazil dominates Hong Kong beef imports

by Editor
Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hong Kong beef imports during 2006-07 increased 16% compared with the previous year, to 62,422 tonnes swt.

The rise was driven by a surge in shipments from South America and China, which were offered at significantly lower prices than Australian beef.

Imports of Brazilian beef have increased significantly over the past five years. During 2006-07, Hong Kong bought 29,764 tonnes swt of Brazilian beef, a rise of 18% compared with 2005-06 – 48% of total beef imports into the market.

Hong Kong received 10,479 tonnes swt of Chinese beef during 2006-07. Imports from China climbed 3% on 2005-06, and accounted for 17% of total imports.

Beef imports from the US jumped 4,167 tonnes swt during 2006-07, to 4,508 tonnes swt, while shipments from Canada eased 3%, to 8,632 tonnes swt. Although Hong Kong only buys a small volume of Indian carabeef, imports from this market doubled in 2006-07, to 549 tonnes swt.

Australia and New Zealand supplied 5% (2,949 tonnes swt) and 4% (2,339 tonnes swt) of total Hong Kong beef imports during 2006-07, respectively. Despite this, chilled beef imports into Hong Kong were dominated by Australia (43%) and New Zealand (18%) throughout the year.