Brazil: Meat sector welcomes Malaysia trade d...

Meat sector welcomes Malaysia trade deal


BRAZIL, Brasília. Brazil's meat industry has welcomed a commercial agreement struck by their country’s government with Malaysia, which will encourage and enable Brazilian beef and chicken exports to the south-east Asian country.

Brazil’s ministry of agriculture, livestock and supply (ministério da agricultura, pecuária e abastecimento – MAPA) is now awaiting the result of a November visit from a Malaysian technical team, who has inspected the country’s slaughterhouses and operators. Once that work is assessed, Malaysia should welcome additional exports of poultry and beef, said Brazil agriculture minister Blairo Maggi.

Associação Brasileira das Indústrias Exportadoras de Carnes (ABIEC), the Brazilian association of meat exporters, said the deal was a result of Brazil’s good relationship with Islamic countries and a world-renowned quality production system. In 2015, ABIEC reported that 2 mill. t of halal chicken was exported from Brazil worldwide. Brazilian meat has a globally recognised label, administered by the Central Islamic Brazilian Halal Food (CIBAL Halal – Central Islâmica Brasileira de Alimentos Halal), a branch of the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil.

From January to July 2016, unprocessed Brazilian beef meat exports to Malaysia reached 3,000 t, according to ABIEC. Maggi has said the goal is for Brazil to export more processed and added value products to Malaysia, a middle-income country with a 2015 GDP per head of $9,766.20, according to World Bank figures.

In September, Sao Paolo-based Brazilian food conglomerate BRF announced it would invest $16 mill. into FFM Further Processing SDH BHD, a food processing company in Malaysia.


Source: MAPA