Bobby calves a target

Bobby calves a target

Animals Australia has launched yet another scathing campaign against agriculture - this time on the dairy's industry treatment of bobby calves.

Quarter-page advertisements were run through metro newspapers over the weekend, with the animal welfare group saying, that the questionable ethics behind milk production had been a long-held secret. The emotionally-driven campaign told readers 700,000 calves die each year, with the male calf considered a ‘waste product'.

Animals Australia executive officer Glenys Oogjes said, that the organisation wants the community to be aware of the practices of the dairy industry. He thinks, that most people have no idea that cows need to have calves each year to produce milk.

The attack comes as the dairy industry failed to come to an agreement to legalise a proposed maximum of 30 hours from the time of feeding to the next feed, or slaughter. Australian Dairy Farmers' animal health and welfare chair David Basham said it was extremely disappointing the Primary Industry Ministerial Council, which represented all States, could not come to an agreement on the issue.

He said the 30 hour time suggestion was backed by research, as well as being supported by a reference group that included farmers, livestock agents, processors and transporters. New Zealand is the only other country in the world to have a standard of 30 hours between feeds in place.

Basham said it was industry practice to slaughter bobby calves as soon as possible.
Source: Animals Australia
David Basham


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