Blue Sky Meat: Unveiling a new branding
Blue Sky Meat

Unveiling a new branding

Blue Sky Meat

New Zealand, Morton Mains. New Zealand lamb producer Blue Sky Meats has unveiled new branding as it looks to update its image.

The company's main brand will now be called Blue Sky Pastures and was unveiled by chief executive Todd Grave at the company's AGM earlier. "The company name will remain as Blue Sky Meats but going forward, the brand we present to the outside world will be Blue Sky Pastures," he explained.

Grave said consumer research showed the company needed to refresh its brand, transitioning from an industrially focused company name talking about their operations, to a more consumer-driven brand, which talks about who the company is, where it comes from and its values.

The business also introduced its new premium sub-brand, Melrose Station. Melrose Station lamb is grass-fed, antibiotic-, hormone- and GMO-free, sourced from a single farm in Southland. The sub-brand is positioned on purity, provenance and craftsmanship and provides foodservice and consumers transparency in supply chain.

This is the first step in a project which will see Blue Sky Meats providing farm-specific traceability. Melrose Station lamb products have been available exclusively in a small number of Southland restaurants since early this year and will soon be listed in Walmart China's top 25 outlets.


Source: Blue Sky Meats


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