Beyond Meat: Going for bacon
Beyond Meat

Going for bacon

Beyond Meat

USA, El Segundo, Calif. Beyond Meat is starting to look at a principle breakfast meat alternative next. The plant-based company is exploring alternatives for bacon and steak.

Founder and CEO Ethan Brown said the product was still in development and would need a “surprise breakthrough” to launch soon.

“Beyond Meat is committed to building out the protein case, so some of the more complex meats (such as bacon and steak) are potential targets for the brand,” a Beyond Meat spokesperson said. “Beyond Meat is committed to innovation and expansion, and with each new product we are quickening our pace as we work to collapse the differences between our products and their animal-protein equivalents.”

The company continues to gain partnerships with companies across the country including Blue Apron and HelloFresh, two of the largest meal kit companies in the US.


Source: Beyond Meat


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