Belgian Meat Association predicts higher pric...

Belgian Meat Association predicts higher prices

The price of pork can rise by 30 to 50% as exports to China get up and running.

Such is the opinion of the Director of the Belgian Meat Association, Febev, Thierry Smagghe.

In an article in Dutch newspaper, Agrarisch Dagblad, Smagghe is quoted as saying that pork and beef will be 15% more expensive in the coming months. He said that meat is dearer as feed prices have risen.

In the case of beef, the industry has been plagued by bluetongue disease resulting in less calves being born.

He expects the price of pork to rise in the summer with a peak in August and September.

According to Smagghe with respect to the current turbulence on the world market, the price increase is difficult to estimate. Once the Chinese market opens for exports, then it should rise to 50%, he said.

Source: South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC)