Beef is Korea's favourite protein

Beef is Korea's favourite protein

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A survey conducted by Job Korea and revealed that beef was the most favoured protein among Korean consumers. The survey involved 1686 members of the general public, who were over 20 years of age, and more than half of the respondents (57.4%) said that beef is their favourite protein.
Coming second to beef was pork at 25.8%, followed by chicken (5.9%), seafood (5.7%) and duck (4.5%).

When asked about actual consumption, pork accounted for the highest proportion at 68.8%.

Impacted by higher prices than other proteins, beef (8.5%) was ranked third after chicken (19.1%). In terms of frequency of consumption, pork was consumed most frequently, averaging 36 times per year, while chicken and Hanwoo beef averaged 33 times and 7 times, respectively.

Reflecting the survey results, Korea's per capita pork consumption has been higher than beef and chicken. Korea's per capita pork consumption in 2013 is an estimated 20.8kg (up 2% on 2012), with further increases forecast by 2023, to 21.1kg. Following pork was chicken, at 11.5kg in 2013 (down 2% on 2012), with expectations of a kilo improvement by 2023, at 12.6kg.

In 2012, influenced by higher domestic pork and chicken production and the weakened Korean economy (Korea's real GDP growth dropped to 2%), Korea's per capita beef consumption fell 5% year-on-year, to 9.7kg, from the highest consumption registered in 2011 (10.2kg).

However, 2013 estimates have suggested a recovery to the 2011 level - which is also 26%, or 2.1kg, higher than the pre-BSE level in 2003. Beef consumption is also anticipated to rise another 0.9kg, to 11.1kg, in 2023.
Source: Job Korea
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