Ban on US beef imports

Ban on US beef imports

Indonesia has stopped imports of US beef, following a case of mad cow disease that was detected in California.

The country has broken ranks with other importers, providing a potential windfall for Australian beef producers.

Indonesian Agriculture Minister Suswono said the government had no time frame, but said the suspension applied to all beef shipped after April 24. This is that week the first US case of mad cow disease was detected in California.

America's four biggest beef trading partners, Canada, Mexico, Japan and South Korea, have not stopped imports until now. Australia imports no beef from the US.

But two major South Korean retailers have pulled American beef from their shelves.
Indonesia imports 20% of its beef from the United States.

Australia and New Zealand make up about 40% of the country's beef imports, according to Indonesian Meat Importers Association figures. The Australian export industry, worth more than $4bn, could benefit from any ban on US imports, with Australia ready to pick up any slack, including that in Indonesia.
Source: The Indonesian Ministery of Agriculture