Australia's chilled beef export to Russia on ...

Australia's chilled beef export to Russia on record level

Chilled beef exports to Russia reached record levels in November at 302 t shipped weight.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) reports chilled beef volumes have totalled 2512 t swt for the year-to-date, up 152% on 2012 shipments. Overall, Australian beef exports to Russia eased in November with 2751 t swt, after a strong October of 4557 t swt.
Despite easing on October shipments, November exports more than doubled when compared year-on-year.

The Russian market is the highest value market on a per kilogram basis for Australian chilled beef exports. In 2012/13, Australian chilled beef exports to Russia averaged A$14.53/kg. The high value of the Russian chilled market is a product of the cut mix shipped, with chilled exports dominated by shipments of cube roll (44%), tenderloin (31%) and striploin (14%).

Hong Kong was the next highest value market, at A$13.25/kg, while Singapore (A$10.87/kg) and the EU (A$9.97/kg) were also high value chilled markets on a per kilogram basis.
Source: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)