Australian study shows positive effects of re...

Australian study shows positive effects of red meat for elderly


An Australian research has suggested that a red meat-rich diet helps preserve the health of the elderly.

The study, carried out by Deakin University, Australia, found that elderly women improved muscle size and function by combining resistance training with a diet rich in lean red meat. It also showed that the red meat diet caused a 10% increase in a hormone central to muscle growth and a 16% reduction in a pro-inflammatory marker that has been linked to muscle loss and chronic diseases.

As researchers believe meat could also be the key to improved mental capacity, the study is being extended to assess its effect on brain and nervous system function.

The new study is called STEPS (Seniors, Thinking, Exercise and Protein Study), and the university is looking for people aged 65 years and over to take part.
Source: Deakin University


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