Australian local pork industry is dying

by Editor
Friday, April 11, 2008

The NSW Farmers Association has endorsed claims made earlier this week that the Federal Government must act now to save the local pork industry. It says the latest Productivity Commission's findings on the industry that high grain prices rather than increased imports were the key cause of lower profitability for local producers ignored the seriousness of the situation facing growers.

NSW Farmers' newly-elected pork committee chairman, Malcolm Gett, Narrabri, says pork producers in NSW are disappointed with what they believe are flawed findings in the final report from the Productivity Commission's (PC) Safeguards Inquiry into the Import of Pigmeat.

“We would suggest the Federal Government needs to ignore the PC findings, which indicate that despite record high levels of imports and the lowest pig prices in five years, increased imports have not caused and are not threatening to cause serious injury to the domestic industry”, Mr Gett says.