Australian frozen meat in smuggling crackdown

Australian frozen meat in smuggling crackdown

Australian frozen meat has been implicated in a Chinese food smuggling crackdown, but authorities say it is difficult to verify the details of the alleged contraband.

A report gave an account of customs officials in the Chinese city of Shenzhen seizing a ship attempting to smuggle frozen goods into the country to avoid duties.

The 1,800t capture, valued at US$9.4 mill., has been described as the biggest frozen goods smuggle bust by Shenzhen customs officials since the outfit was founded in 1997. Authorities also detained five of the ship's 18-member crew.

Included in the smuggled 60-container load were beef, chicken wings and pork tripe from the United States, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Customs officials said, that the goods posed a danger because they had not been inspected and quarantined, and that poor transportation conditions presented a potential food safety concern.
Source: Ministry of Agriculture, PRC


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