Australian exporter condemns cruel handling o...

Australian exporter condemns cruel handling of cattle

The Australian livestock export industry has moved to suspend supply of cattle to three Indonesian abattoirs after evidence of animal cruelty was identified.

LiveCorp CEO Cameron Hall said footage provided to the industry led to the immediately requesting the Indonesian industry to suspend the supply of Australian cattle to these facilities.

Cruelty to Australian animals was simply unacceptable and would not be tolerated, Hall said.

Mr Hall said the Indonesian industry had rallied quickly to sanction those butchers and locations acting in a cruel and inhumane manner. The industry is committed to suspend supply of cattle to those facilities until the animal welfare issues are addressed and it can be demonstrated that acceptable standards can be met on a consistent basis.

The footage also showed a fourth processing facility at which poor practices were evident. The industry has not requested the supply of cattle to be suspended to this facility because it is confident it can address these practices with an intensive training programme.

A team of Australian cattle experts will fly to Indonesia to deliver this training programme.

Hall said the industry recently released an animal welfare strategy containing a specific action plan for Indonesia, on the back of an independent review of Indonesian facilities conducted last year.

Hall added the industry was committed to improving welfare at every facility that processed Australian cattle. Hall said there was more work to be done, particularly at the point of processing, however if Australia was to cease exporting cattle, animal welfare would only go backwards.
Source: MLA – Meat & Livestock Australia